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Margarette's career in the visual media arts has earned her respect among her colleagues in the industry. Based in New York, her work has graced the of covers of popular magazines, best seller cookbooks, awarded still life photos, editorial spreads, health issues, pharmaceutical ads, cosmetics, websites for name brand products, commercials, digital work catalogues, product packaging, short films, documentaries and videos.

Her eye for seeing things through the lens is due to her early start as a photographer and ethnographic filmmaker. She has been mentored by respected food and prop stylist, directors, producers and photographers. This experience has allowed her to be versatile in the development of her craft She is able to conceptually see a production from start to finish and the nuances of logistical contingencies. As an overall stylist she is able to capture the visual effects of art directors, photographer and client's desire to achieve collaborative creative vision.

Margarette has honed her craft in styling. She uses liquids, foods and various mediums for her clients with specialized FX needs. These needs span an extensive range of global culinary cooking styles and skill in baking, grilling, pouring, freezing and other practical FX needs used for still or film works. She is still one of the few stylist who can work and use both natural light and studio lights.

Margarette Adams uses her visual arts skills in food and non-food assignments. To summarize her remarkable work, Margarette Adams has a style.